Resurfacing Cream



A highly effective exfoliator with Shea Butter and
Aluminium Oxide microcrystals to refine the skin’s texture, smooth away fine lines and boost radiance.
Suitable for all skin types except sensitive.

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Shea Butter;
Moisturises helps restore skin suppleness.

Aluminium Oxide MicroCrystals;
Exfoliate the skin, and ensures smooth and bright complexion

How To Use

Spread several dabs of Resurfacing Cream over the face on clean damp skin, avoiding the eye contour area, the lips and the nostrils. Massage for one to two minutes in circular motions from the inside to the outside of the face. Finish with energetic smoothing movements over the nose and chin. Rinse with lukewarm water keeping the eyes tight shut, and then gently pat the skin dry using a clean, dry towel.

Star Ingredients

Sève Bleue From The Oceans.

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