Reviving Marine Mist



Energize and re-mineralize the skin with this refreshing seawater concentrate. To improve effectiveness, use before applying your skincare products.

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Improved skin hydration* After 1 hour: +55% After 4 hours: +39% Even more effective than the HydraMarine Serum (26.6%) and the HydraMarine 24h GelCream (36.3%). Proven effectiveness** Revitalised skin: 88% Improved skin texture: 89% Softened and hydrated skin: 94% More comfortable skin: 100% *Test carried out using corneometry on 11 volunteers aged 19 to 64 from one to four hours after application. **Selfassessment carried out by 17 volunteers aged 21 to 54 after 21 days of use.

How To Use

Spray all over the face, avoiding contact with the eyes and lips. Do not shake.

Star Ingredients

Sève Bleue From The Oceans.

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