Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation Opal



The perfect blend of colour and Thalgo’s anti-ageing expertise, this foundation provides flawless coverage and perfect skin tone correction for a natural-looking result in every light. Available in three shades: Opal, Natural and Amber.

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Instantly, the skin feels smoother, velvety and soft. It gradually appears visibly firmer and more toned.

How To Use

1. Shake before use. 2. Warm the Anti-Ageing Foundation in your hands.Then apply it on the forehead, cheeks and neck. 3. Stretch the foundation, working from the middle of the face outwards using slightly upward motions, then blend around the sides of the face for a seamless result. 4. For areas with more pronounced imperfections, apply an extra dab of foundation and gently pat in. Remove makeup at the end of the day.

Star Ingredients

Marine Silicium Complex.

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